Installing our new bathroom upstairs

Many bathroom improvements can be done quickly and be super affordable because they can be done by you! Unless you are planning a complete rehab, you probably won’t need to hire a general contractor. As we all know, bathroom is very important to us and we all love a clean and well-maintained bathroom.

One of the easiest improvements is to simply change your sink and faucet. A new sink is simple to install whether it is inlaid into your vanity or it is a standalone. Instructions always come with the sink itself, and many self help books that can be found at hardware stores and improvement centers provide diagrams, pictures and easy to follow instructions.

The same for the faucets. Unless you are installing your sink and faucet in a different location, there is no reason to pay a plumber. The labor could easily cost you more than the new fixtures you are adding. Follow the directions in the packaging and you’ll be fine.

Paint with a good quality washable paint. If painting isn’t an option, or if you really want to upgrade from perhaps formica to tile, this can be done very affordable, too. Try local outlet centers and look for odd pieces that may have a tiny flaw, and check with local home improvement stores for their overstock section and ask about orders that were never picked up. If you are going to install a new vanity, install the sink and faucet after.

What about your walls? Painted walls can always benefit from a new coat, but what about tile? No problem. Old ugly tile doesn’t need to be stripped off (time consuming and damaging). If all you want to do is end up with clean, pretty tile work, paint the tiles too. A high gloss washable paint will last for years, and it will cover up dirty grout and chips.

That only book that can’t ever leave your library – Fifty Shades of Grey


There are always those book that are hidden in the library, which are enjoyed in the dark hours of the night, these secret books hold a special place in our hearts. Fifty shades of grey is one such book that captured the attention of entire world and was able to inspire a spark in the relations.

fifty-shades-book-4Although no one likes to admit that they indulge themselves in the fifty shades books but most of the Americans have had some sort of experience with this kind of literature.

It gives a tingly feeling in the body. Fifty shades of grey is an erotic encounter of a women with her lover and it seeks to blur the boundaries of sexuality. This book explores sexuality and love in entirely different setting.

We live in a very guarded society that does not accept change but fifty shades was written in such a crafty audience that they could not help but fall in love with the tale. The books became so popular that large studios were forced to give it a form of movie in order to sustain the demands of the audiences.

Forbidden fruit always tastes the sweetest it is human psychology that what is forbidden always feels like more rewarding and we have a tendency to test our limits.

Fifty shades of grey cashed on the same sense and was able to grip the entire nation in a fervor that is hard to shake off.

Simply put it is a great book that is guaranteed to provide you with the hours of entertainment and let your imagination wander to forbidden areas of love and sexuality.

The lost art of sewing


Sewing is a hobby that is as old as our society, being parents ourselves there have been several Christmases where we had to knit sweaters of our children or make specialized gifts to them on their birthdays.

oldSewing is a great way to gain focus and let the mind loose of all its worries and enjoy a relaxing time concentrating on your art and piece that you are creating. I have always found it a great means to relax and have a great time.

Whenever I am able to get the free time we prefer to either curl up with a book or enjoy a nice relaxing session of sewing.

Although sewing is considered to be an apt hobby for old souls but it’s still a great way for the younger generation to learn about art and provide them with a useful skill that they would cherish throughout their life.

Sewing also helps an individual improve the coordination between eyes and the fingers. It enhances focus and creates a sharpness of mind that other hobbies cannot provide. I believe that sewing is a great relaxing way to unwound yourself and enjoy a time of comfort free from all the tension and worries.

It is also a very inexpensive hobby that does not require much all you need is a piece of fabric, a sharp mind and some thread with needles and you are good to go. It is a way to connect with you inner self and is also considered to be a great way to relax the mind and body.

It is like a meditation where you are also able to create beautiful pieces that you can enjoy later.

Learn how to live a great life even with diabetes


Diabetes is a common ailment that affects millions of individuals worldwide. The disease is caused by the body’s inability to process sugar leading to the damage of different organs and creating several other health hazards as well.

There are two major causes of diabetes it is either caused by the failure of the pancreas to produce insulin or the inability of the cells to absorb the insulin.

A large number of medical professionals believe that diabetes is mainly caused by the lack of exercise and relaxed lifestyle that is becoming increasingly common around the world.

Technology has played a large part in providing the human race with comfort and strength but on the flip side it has also changed the way people behave and live their life, most individuals are so absorbed in their daily life that they don’t get a chance to take care of their body and pay attention to the different requirements that are essential for a healthy lifestyle.

Home to work routing and stressing over small situations can all lead to the deadly onslaught of diabetes. The major symptoms of diabetes include rapid weight loss, headache, tiredness, muscle pain and frequent urge to urinate. All of these conditions are caused by the alleviation of blood sugar in the body.

Currently medical science has been unable to discover a permanent cure for the disease but with proper nutrition, exercise and medication the person affected with the disease can have a long and happy life.

But not caring and continuing with the old lifestyle can seriously hamper the health of the individual and significantly decrease their expected lifestyle.